Why Spanish can change your life

If you are reading this, you will surely know the importance of Spanish in the world already and you will probably get already how interesting it can be to learn this language as a second or third language or to improve it if you speak it already. But it can still be interesting to remind you of some of the reasons that convert Spanish in such an important language in the world, after English.

We will list 10 of them:

Almost 500 million people have Spanish as their mother tongue, which makes it the second most spoken mother tongue. At the moment, Chinese is still doing better.

More than 20 million students are studying Spanish at the moment, which makes it the second most studied language.

Spanish is the second most used language in international communication.

You will get a better travel experience. If you don’t know Spanish you can travel a lot, but you will be stuck in the touristic places where there are English speaking tourists everywhere. If you know Spanish, you will get the chance to get to know the locals, which will make your travel experience so much better.

Spanish is the second language in several internet fields, such as social media networks (Facebook & Twitter).

Spanish has a great stability and equality. There are two reasons for this advantage. The first reason is that their work is really organized and the second reason is that there are great language academies in the Hispanic countries.

Every year there will be more Spanish speaking people. By 2030 there will be a Spanish speaking population of approximately 7,5%. They have calculated that in 3 or 4 generations 10% of the world population will communicate in Spanish.

In 2050, the United States will be the country with the largest number of Spanish speaking people in the world. Today Mexico is still the largest Spanish speaking country.

Spanish is becoming a business necessity. Since more and more Spanish speaking people are present in every country, it is a huge advantage to know the language! If you work together with Spanish clients it will always give a better impression if you can talk to them in their mother tongue.

Learning Spanish will make it easier for you to learn a next language. Once you have knowledge of Spanish, other languages in the Romance language family (Italian, French, Portuguese and even Latin) will feel like a piece of cake to study.

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