Tía Tula Spanish School in Salamanca, Spain

Tía Tula is a modern Spanish school, created in Salamanca in 2003, that receives hundreds of Spanish students every year. It is accredited by the Instituto Cervantes as a centre of high quality Spanish teaching.

The name of the school, Tía Tula, comes from one of the most famous books of Miguel de Unamuno, as a tribute to the writer, who is a symbol of the city.

Tía Tula is situated in the pedestrian historical center of Salamanca, between the headquarters of its two major universities. The city is known as the city of Spanish language. Salamanca has 800 years of academic tradition of teaching Spanish, which makes it one of its specialties. This is shown by the thousands of foreigners that come to Salamanca every year to learn or perfect the language.

The school offers an effective method of learning the language with the best qualified teachers who have been selected on the basis of academic excellence, professionalism and experience in teaching.

Our teachers focus on the individual needs of the students so they can fully integrate into the Spanish language and culture. On the one hand we offer an intensive program using an advanced method of teaching Spanish in small groups to ensure that the students gain the most out of our lessons. On the other hand there are extracurricular activities which include excursions.

For making sure that the stay of our students is an unforgettable experience for them, we also take care of the accommodation.

Over the last few years, Tía Tula has been specializing in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language online, via Skype. The classes consist of individual tutorials / one-to-one classes taught by the same teaching staff who offer Spanish classes to the foreign students in our study center in Salamanca: they are Spanish teachers who are specialized in teaching Spanish as a foreign language, with many hours of experience. The methodology and training material used by the teachers during their classes, is used in the classrooms of the centre: it is material which is supported by the Instituto Cervantes and adapted to the medium of the classes, to make the most out of them..

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