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Our teacher staff is the most specialized team for learning Spanish or learning how to teach Spanish. They are native Spanish and the biggest part of them comes from Salamanca, city which, as you probably know, is the reference concerning the learning of the Spanish language as a foreign language and the formation of future Spanish teachers.

Our teachers are dedicated to make you improve yourself and help you to succeed! First because they are motivated, professional and second, because the love of their job is reflected in their courses!
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Many of the teachers have a master in ELE, the degree of Spanish teachers. They are experienced philologist o historian licensed in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. Could you find better to improve yourself?

Our high-qualified teachers have been selected due to their academic excellence and their professionalism. They will teach you the best Spanish of Spain!
Our teachers are always ready to help you and you can always rely on their advices. If you have any question, any problem, you can be sure that they will directly help you to get over it. With their help, you’ll for sure improve your Spanish level because they are concerned about their students. Always in a good mood, they will make you enjoy your classes!

Whatever the course they teach you, they will push you as far as they can and be sure that you have everything you need to succeed.
Our teachers have all the qualities to teach you the best Spanish: you can rely on them and on their skills; they’ll help you to improve yourself and enjoy every lesson and make you feel like if you were in Spain!
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