Which kind of Spanish lessons can I take

Which courses can I study?

Our school proposes different courses. You can choose as much classes as you want, according to what you would like to study. All of these classes are taught depending on your level. Here you have the different courses with their explanation. Notice as well that each course has its own advantages!

Grammar is always one of the most important basics to learn a language. According to you skills, the teacher will learn you how to use the grammar, help you to practice what you already know with exercises. Training is very important to study the grammar and that’s what your teacher will help you to do. Be sure that once you’ll know your grammar, you’ll be able to practice your Spanish as much as you want!

Having good skills in Spanish is very useful. And now it’s time to speak! With the conversation classes, you teacher will make you talk about different topics. The real advantage is our teachers: they are native Spanish and you have the opportunity to speak with experts! This means that you can always rely on their advices. Who speaks better Spanish than Spanish people? These classes are totally interactive, using the communication and the conversation with the students as the base of learning. With these courses, you’ll learn distinct expressions, very important in the spoken language. Moreover, it’s during these lessons that you can express yourself and practice your Spanish!

Grammar and conversation classes have the similarity to cover a variety of real situations, always essential to practice Spanish in your daily life.

If you need to take a special exam, like the A-level – GCSE - Leaving Cert (Irish Leaving Certificate) – International Baccalaureate - AP Exam, these courses are made to help you to succeed! Indeed, our courses are based on raising your general level and revising the Spanish skills you need to take one of these exams.
These courses are divided in two different parts: language and revisions.

DELE means: Diplomas of Spanish as a foreign language. This is an official exam and a real certification which proves your Spanish level. You can take this test whatever is your level: A1-A2-B1-B2-C1-C2. Of course, you need practice before taking the test and our courses will for sure help you to do it!
As you probably know, the DELE exam is constituted by different parts: one reading comprehension, one listening comprehension, one writing expression, one oral exam and one grammar/vocabulary part. For each step, your teacher will help you to train your abilities and ameliorate your skills.
The courses consist of three parts:

During the courses, and with the help of your teacher, you’ll work on previous exams from the Cervantes Institute. Moreover, our teachers work with a booklet of exercises elaborated on by our faculty experts on this exam, who have on numerous occasions participated in correcting the official exam.

The translation is always a good exercise to practice your Spanish. Indeed, you have the possibility to discover new Spanish texts. There’s one requirement to take this course: you must be an English or Portuguese native or at least have good skills in English or Portuguese. Notice that the translation is always in the same way: from English/Portuguese from Spanish, which gives you the possibility to improve your Spanish writing and reading!

You’ll certainly find the lesson you need in these ones. If you do but need something else which is not in there, add “other classes” to your choice and explain to your teacher what exactly you would like to learn. Be careful that some of the “other classes” may require a minimum level of Spanish.

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