Prices and offers!

You would like to know the price of your classes? Have a look at these tables, showing all the prices of the courses, depending on the number of hours you would like to study.
More lessons you opt for, more the price/hour will be cheaper!

Pass Price
5 lessons 120€
10 lessons 225€
15 lessons 315€
20 lessons 390€

If you want to study more than 20 lessons, the price/hour will be determined by:

Don’t miss our offers and discounts!

If you register before 30/04/2020, your lessons will be cheaper! Have a look at the table under and compare!

Pass Price
5 lessons 110€
10 lessons 200€
15 lessons 285€
20 lessons 350€

What’s included in the price?

Of course, the price included the lessons and:

aula bunnuel

aula picasso

clerecia de Salamanca

descanso en el hall

profesores tia tula

profesores y alumnos de español

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