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Tía Tula is an accredited school by the Instituto Cervantes (in Salamanca) and this is stated on the certificates it issues to it´s students. The accreditation means that the Instituto Cervantes, the highest international institution in teaching and diffusion of Spanish in the world, recognises and endorses the quality of Tía tula as a Spanish school and considers Tía Tula to be integrated within the network of associated centres.

The Instituto Cervantes states that a centre integrated within the the network of associated centres fulfills the quality requirements of teaching Spanish: the legal requirements for the teaching of Spanish, to have adequate resources for teaching, to have a team of qualified teachers with sufficient training, to have a teaching plan that guarantees adequate progress, to establish a maximum number of students per class and to have fair advertising for any offers relating to the course. The Instituto Cervantes defines parameters that guarantee the fulfillment of these conditions and subjects the centres integrated into it´s network to periodically review and verify these conditions. The end result is that the accredited centres have a supervised program for the continuous improvement of its courses and teaching.

The seal of approval from the Instituto cervantes is recognised worldwide. Therefore, as a Spanish teacher training in an accredited facility, this label clearly has added value. On the one hand, the student can be certain of the school because it´s supported by the Instituto Cervantes who only support high quality teaching, from the teaching of the courses to it´s methodology. Whilst on the other hand the student has the value of the certificate obtained from a course within an accredited facility by a government agency which is internationally recognized. The latter has a greater recognition within the world of Spanish teaching.

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